Hey, just thought I’d ask=

Anyone here use, or familiar with Crestron Control Systems?

Its a control system, that pretty much, can be programmed to automate, well, anything that can be controlled via network, serial, or an electrical relay.

Think, you go in to a room, and it senses your presence, turns the lights on, adjusts the heat, and you think, hey, I want to listen to a soft song, so you pick what you want on the touchpanel, and then touch the button to lower the lights and shades. That kind of stuff, but across the board, for both residental, and commercial.

Anyway, I can program it, I’m about halfway through the classes to become a certified programmer, and I’m an authorized dealer. Got a project right now I’m working on, for some touchpanels on lecterns for some college classrooms.

Just happened to think, and wonder if anyone else here uses it, or is familiar.

Polekatt I haven’t heard of that particular brand, but wanted to comment to make sure I follow this!

The closest I have to home automation is the stuff from Nest. The automated thermostat changes based on home/away status is awesome.