Crucial SSD 525GB worldwide

milkywayman bloody crucial. They are assholes. I still haven’t received the ram and SSD I won two months ago. Even zotac guys told me they’ve been avoiding to clarify what the problem is (if there’s a problem at all) with shipping.


Adnan_Popara That really sucks but happens with giveaways where the wins will be sent by another company and from another country. I had to wait many weeks / months for my PC when I won it on GTribe. Hope you will receive your delivery soon. For your info my delivery stuck at the German Customs for more than 4 weeks, maybe you have a similar problem. And in the end they didn’t even open the package so I still don’t know why it took so long :’(


PeaceLeon yeah man it sucks especially now when I have to sell my PC so I can get new parts. I was counting on that SSD for the new build but now I don’t know what to do but to wait more. Btw the last two times I won I was notified by the customs service that my package arrived… Crucial probably didn’t even bother sending the prize xD

Adnan_Popara Crucial have disappointingly changing the dynamic of Comps. Are you in US/CA/UK/EU, because now that is t the bottom of every comp.

Really thought long and hard before committing to buy Ballistix DDR4 ram due to the change.

Trainsmash zotac told me ballistix is ignoring their emails about this problem… I contacted ballistix again (the second time in two months) and they are either acting dumb or just don’t give a f***. What a joke of a company