Crysis 2 Remaster

Unlike the first remaster, this one is actually good. No EA, no Origin. Currently running at almost max settings (RTX set to high instead of very high). Other than that, >60 (usually >70) with DLSS set to Quality. I don’t need to explain the game, everyone knows what it is already. My only gripe is they didn’t remaster the video clip cut scenes. They look like pure ass and are a bitch-tier 30fps. Seriously, why the fuck didn’t companies back up the project files for a game so relatively recently developed? Problems aside, still a very fun game. Will post more later.


Beat this earlier tonight. It’s still good, but you can tell it’s aging. The gameplay doesn’t change up enough for it’s length. It’s also longer than I remember…I guess 3 is the short one. Still recommended if you liked the original.

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I never played Crysis and I have no idea whyyyyyyyyyy.

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My favorite part of the series. Haven’t played the remaster, though. Is it actually a remaster or they just added RTX features? I remember the game looked awesome even after years since its release.

Excluding the video clip cut scenes, it’s a remaster.