Just finished binge-watching Dark on Netflix on a hangover day. Started watching it with english dub and sub, but the text and the sound was annoyingly not the same, i dont know how they managed to do this. Not using the same translating…Anyway, switched to original german voice, managed to get used to it very fast. Which is surprising because me and german language are mortal enemies…bad high school experiences :smiley:
How I love a good small town mystery, I am in love with this type of series and movies…Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Under the dome ( the series was aweful), Wayward Pines, Jericho, Invasion etc. And this one is already one of my favourite.Dare to say I liked it better than Stranger Things. So I don’t want to spoil anything but I recommend it to watch.

Finished it also. Liked it much because it kept me guessing every time. :slight_smile: Be watching those series you mentioned.