Darksiders Warmastered Edition Free to those that own the first.

First one is one of the greatest games I have ever played, second blew chunks.

I have both, LOVED the first one, played through 4 or 5 times :smiley: Loved the story, the fight, the graphic style, Mark Hamill’s voice acting. The second one was not that good, the looting, the open world thingy ruined for me. Worse bosses. I hope they will make a Darksiders 3 and bring back the awesome feeling of the first one. I want to play the other horsemen :smiley:

update: wow, it is already in my library…sad, i have to collect every achievement again for this edition… :smiley: 10 GB vs the new 24 GB

ButtStallion Don’t bother, they ruined the controls, way to sensitive and no way to turn down really, aiming is a nightmare.

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Sir_diealot :confused: