Anyone have a brand recommendation for DDR3L I need to upgrade this laptops ram in the near future as ill be stuck on it for a unknown amount of time while I am taking care of some debts. This laptop is a A10-5750M and has mismatched ram from what I have seen it can use 16gb of 1600. I know I need a bigger hard drive as right now its running a 500gb ssd till I can get things straight. This move has me all discombobulated with it right now lol.

Rip money. Old DDR3 sodimm are expensive. I’d say, pick anything from Samsung because the other manufacturers buy the chips from Samsung anyway. Last I checked you can grab 2x8gb for 70ish Gil.

Maybe you can find some from Crucial too. Those are basically the same as the Samsung ones but cheaper.

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Yea I been sitting here looking at Samsung DDR3L 2x8gb 1600 for about 5 mins now and its about $60 give or take. Ill grabbem soon as I get the cash worked up here, I figured Samsung or G.Skill but seeing as I never delt with Laptop Memory before I figured best to ask.

The tech is essentially the same only low powered/smaller. It’s the same as a normal DDR3 module. Unfortunately, very expensive considering that they are waaaay slower than DDR4.

Yea, wish this laptop used ddr4l but its my Fiancee’s old laptop shes letting me use untill we can afford for me to build another PC… at that point ill probally get a 5600G or 5700G if gpu prices havent gone back to normal. Untill then though this has to get a little faster and have more storage lol.

At this point, it’s pointless to build a PC. It’s too expensive even if it is a mid range pc. I see you playing on playstation regularly. Just stick with it and save your money for better things than a pc.

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Its because this laptop can barley play anything… I only have my playstation right now, I want a ps5 but damn how hard they are to get.

There is a registration thing on PlayStation’s page to buy a ps5 for MSRP. Apply for that and go get itttt

Has to wait atm, as said before need to take care of some debts first. Though perhaps in the near future once I am done paying off these credit cards and getting rid of them.