Dead Multiplayer Games

So what are two dead MP games you hate being dead ? Mine are War of the Vikings and Verdun. I love those games but player base is completely dead in War of the Viking but in Verdun it’s dropping every day as well.

Dead Island Epidemic and FEAR 3. I would probably add God Mode to that as well.

katsuo I was thinking to add God mode as well XD Everyone on GX should get it and we can have a party XD

Battle for Middle-Earth for sure, loved that game. And not just the mp dead. The single as well. You cant buy it. Nowhere. You need extreme luck to find it on a torrent side with 1 or 2 seeder as well. We loved playing it mp, playing a campaign against the orks for weeks.

Call of Duty WWII and Call of Duty WWIII

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syncrosis One troll to rule them all very nice XD

The first Titanfall and Shattered Horizon

shiftysatchmo First titanfall isn’t dead

katsuo it sure is. Second is surprisingly strong still though!

shiftysatchmo It’s not. I play it regularly and I find a match almost instantly sooooooo

katsuo a match with two other people kekekekkee

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