Deadpool 2

zmajuga I am pretty psyched for this.

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Watched Deadpool 2 last night. :smiley:

Avengers are really really soft porn in comparison to this movie. :blush:

Need to watch it again!

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I need to go see it, it is on my list of movies to finally go see…

I’ll wait for blu-ray. For both infinity thing and dp2. I refuse to watch this synchronized voice German nonsense thingy that they are putting in all movies and shows. Silly Germans.

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I just can’t be bothered to goto a theatre. I’ll wait for digital.

I got super confused then remembered you aren’t in the States.

Yeah. The States are in me. Oh, wait…

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Did not get to see the last 3 Marvel movies due to vehicle problems and I am not likely to see this one either. I am just going to buy the Blu-rays when they come out. I normally buy the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copies, keep the Blu-ray and Digital copies and send the DVD’s off to my nephews so they can see them. (Not Deadpool though, a little to adult for them yet) I take that back, I did get to see Black Panther but was horribly disappointed in it. I will buy it though just because it is a Marvel movie and to send the DVD on to my nephews.

@Katsuo if you come across a digital means to watch it early, let me know. ; ]