Deals on Origin

Pretty good deals, grabbed Battlefront 2 finally.

Thinking of getting Dragon Age. Never played DA.

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Play the whole franchise. You’ll like it.


Heard it’s good. Will see. Right now I have difficulties to finish any game. I play everything and finish nothing. Kinda annoying.

Origins was the best but Inquisition was fun in its own way


Skip Part 2 and you will like it even more :joy:

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I didn’t mind the second. Was different mechanics, but not horrible.

4€ subscription. You get all of these. Play, finish, forget. :slight_smile:

Ha, like I can finish 3 games in a month or two.

The old Mili could have. What happened to you, man?

Yeah if it is ok for you that every building you enter no matter how big or small it was has the same area model if you go inside yeah the game should be fine for you. Compared to the complexity of DA:O the second game was just a joke. Especially when they released it. No idea what they fix in the meantime since I never touched it again after I played it for the first time.

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I didn’t set expectations, so I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t say it was bind-blowing, just good enough to beat.