Death Note (Netflix)

This is totally new to me. Never heard it before. I mean that Netflix is doing this. Loved the animated one, watched it several times. I hope it will be good.

There is already a live action film that few bared to watch till the end. This seem way too action-centered to trule capture what Death Note is. One can always hope though!

Oh god why

Is this the one with Dafoe voicing what’s his face

Looks interesting.

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L is black and is giving a public speech and Light is a twilight teenager with anger issues.

I’ll pretend I didn’t see the trailer and no…my eyes are not burning at the moment.

Katsuo in their defense, Light was always a Twilight teenager with anger issues.

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ShiftySatchmo Wrong…he was 90% of the series calm without any issues. At least, he looked and sounded like a smart fella. At the end of the series, he went nuts.

Katsuo it is possible to be calm and angry