Death Stranding - Action game with an open world

Smells MGSV-ish. Definitely not a bad thing!

Katsuo I think it looks amazing and they used people I like following in tv shows for the characters :smiley:

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Only0neKnight Whatever Kojima makes, I’ll praise it like it’s a sun. (got the pun huehue?)
That dude is an artist and artists like Kojima should be valued a lotttttttt

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Katsuo oh he is, he will still have all his faithful following

November 8th, 2019.


I still have no idea what the game is still.

You feel sounds by plugging yourself into a baby.


There are still to many “stills” in this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who played it?

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Currently downloading it still. My internet is garbage so I probably won’t get into the game until tomorrow.

I’m waiting for pc.

I received the copy but won’t play it until I finish the other 60 games I have

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Yeah I was actually thinking about finishing outer worlds before diving into Death stranding.

Thankfully not an Epic games store exclusive.

For now. It comes out in summer, epic has time to fuck it up.

Started playing this last week. Don’t know if I could recommend it to people because it comes across as being an acquired taste, at least gameplay wise. I’m loving it so far though.

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