Default theme now a 'dark' theme?

I know it ain’t what the kids do these days, but I always had the default theme and its light/white background. Now all the choices are dark ones. No biggie, I’ll get used to it in a day but was just curious if it was on purpose. Or if it is something on my end.

I had a dark one chosen. You’re battery will thank the theme gods for going dark…and your eyes.

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Weird… I think they changed the themes on the backend, let me take a peek.

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There, I added back the “Light” theme that is blinding white. I also added a graceful one since it looked pretty :smiley:

Hopefully I didn’t break anything else.

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Back to destroying my eyes as I prefer! Thanks.

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I dunno how bad it is for eyes, but for the good chunk of phones using oled displays, dark mode definitely saves battery. Especially when you apply it to as many apps as you can.

Dunno why, just always preferred white/light. And tend to stick to desktop 99% of the time anywho. I adjust the monitor itself if I’m working long into the night.

You’re a monster :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I’m blind…

Graceful is a nice themeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Noooooo. Whatever theme I had is missing now that I changed it to see what the others were. Now the closest one to what I had is sun bleached black tshirt. : /

I think I can fix that…

Why do I have a feeling you like to break something just so you can fix it. You are like Bethesda but actually CDPR.

I made AS Dark have a full black background and header. I can mess around with more colors if you need.

You get what you pay for.


Add more useless stuff pls so I can fangirl it

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yay : ]