Demon's Souls: Playable on RPCS3 (PS3 emulator)

There we go

katsuo you’ll never 100% it

syncrosis Too late. Already done it

katsuo does it have trophies emulated? Otherwise, you can’t.

katsuo I downvoted your lie

Mmmm my collection of jealous people is growing

katsuo lol, I know you’re being a dink. Honestly I’d rather spend my team beating my backlog vs 100% anything right now. Even poor Crash, as much as I want to get all collectibles, I need to keep beating games. Some day I’ll go back to the ones that I care most about and hopefully finish them off for 100%

syncrosis I’m at the point where I only have 2 games to beat and 6 to complete the achievements. And that’s my backlog.

As long as you are playing and finishing your games, that’s great. Finishing a game 100% takes time and time isn’t something that everyone has. But I sure do like when someone unlocks all achievements/trophies, especially if it’s a Soulsborne/Final Fantasy game.

What’s your current/next game to beat? I’m trying to beat Bayonetta for the third time to get the 100% XD

katsuo I miss the days of 100%. I liked when I was the only one to do it out of my circle of friends too. Just too many good games which I guess is a good problem.

On PS4 I’m finishing Crash Warped, playing through Arcania (it’s like a lesser version of the Witcher). I have a few PS4 titles lined up after these ones: Fez, Kingdom Hearts (all of em), The Last of Us (for the 5th time), Uncharted 1-3 (for the 5th time), Uncharted 4 (for the second time). And these are just games I own let alone getting hands on games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and others I don’t own.

For PC, I tried not to start anything new really as I’m focusing on beating PS4 titles… so really only one I started is The Park because it’s short. After that I have lined up Alien:Isolation, Crysis 2, Alan Wake (for the 7th time).

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katsuo can I interest you in like 10 games? Nobody wants them :crying_cat_face:

syncrosis So many games to finish LOL
It would take me 2 days to finish all that huehue. cries in nolife

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shiftysatchmo You mean 10 indie games that Gaben is trying to remove them from store just because they are corrupting the gaming industry?

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katsuo take them

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shiftysatchmo But I don’t like them

katsuo you won’t know until you try

shiftysatchmo Then why don’t you claim them?

katsuo I have like 100 unplayed games and you have 2

katsuo how’s Grim Dawn?

syncrosis I’m not far into the game. Around 7 hours, I believe. So far it’s freaking amazing. Huge map, excellent storyline and pretty damn interesting side-quests. So far it beats Van Helsing in terms of quality.