Diablo 3

First game my sister ever gifted me for my birthday last year… i played with some friends but i was jut following them while they farmed for gold and gear lol it was boring so i took a brake… logged in couple of days ago and started it on my own. It took me like 90 hours to reach act III. I’m loving it and finally found a game to distract me from KF2. XD

I’m planning to beat it and do some hardcore CO-OP so if anyone here is playing add me XD Arson#21565

I just finished Diablo 3. It’s one of the most boring games I’ve ever played. This game, compared to Diablo 2 is just a giga-snoozefest. Not only that, it’s as challenging as solving puzzles for 2 y/o babies. I wanted to finish this one to kinda “get ready” for Diablo 2 remaster and…I’m actually thinking of never playing any Diablo game ever again because of D3. Jesus christ Blizzard what the hell happened to you…

Why did you keep playing it?!

My sister wanted an Greater Rift achievement on Torment 2 difficulty. Took us only 70 hours of grinding to get that achievement haha
While we were grinding, I casually got the platinum trophy too. 22nd platinum woohoo

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