Diablo 4 - PS5

Finished main story, love the game so far. A crap ton to do after the main story is over, and your not forced to restart the main story every time you create a new character. I went into this after the wife bought us Diablo 4 not expecting much after how Diablo 3 was… but was very surprised at how they turned it into a open world mmo, compared to Diablo 3… Hoping for a few expansions over the years. I did have one complaint, but its minor and I fixed it… I had to force my PS5 to run on 5ghz on my wifi cause at 2.4ghz the horrid lag and rubber banding made the game unplayable.


Funny because I find the game really bad. Then again, I grew up with Diablo so I expected a bit more than just a fetch-quest wannabe MMO and more actual Diablo stuff from a Diablo game. I guess I have to accept that I’m not the audience for anything Blizzard anymore. :confused:


Can’t wait. :smiley:


Oh, I didnt know that was a thing. Nice! Wish they showed a bit of gameplay though