Digital Xbox One S

Welp after consideration we decided to give my brother my current xbox one and I have purchased a fully Digital Xbox One S which came with 5 games in the bundle… considering it won’t release for 2 more days to the market my estimated delivery date is May 14th!


I have mixed feelings on a digital only box. It is one less part that can fail, but sometimes trading in games is nice. That and physical games sometimes have better sales.

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Good news UPS updated I get it wednesday!

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I wouldve waited for xbox scarlett. It’s one year away and you can play 99% of the games on PC anyway. But you do yooyoyoooyyooyo

Well I do not have time to wait, and 300$ is better then what the Scarlett will cost I am sure. Ontop of that after this I have to crack down and get my PC upgraded… we will see what the next Xbox has in store come time.