Dirt 5

So this is my next game! Just luck of the list that it’s another racing game. Though this time it’s actually a well done racing game. My laptop is able to run it at 70-90 fps at the second highest preset at 1080p. Tomorrow at some point I’ll be able to see how it runs on my main rig. This Dirt is one of the arcade racers, which is why I bothered with it. Since they stopped putting the racing line in their simulation games, I haven’t been able to play them because I don’t seem to be able to judge when I can floor it and when I should be breaking. Not a problem with the arcade racers. This game is pretty much Dirt Showdown 1.5. Not quite as wacky, but also not a sim. Will post more later!

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Forza Horizon 4 > everything elseeeeeeeeeeeeee

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They stopped implementing a racing line option. If they hadn’t, I would have played that already. I used to play forzaa on my old roomate’s original xbox and my brother’s 360 back in the day. If they make an arcade style forzaa I’ll definitely play it.

What do you mean “a racing line option”? Forza Horizon 4 is arcade as hell. Maybe you meant Forza Motorsport which is a simulator or tries to be a sim.

I line is overlaid on the track. Green = floor it. Yellow and red = break. Maybe I’ll try horizon.

Both horizon and motorsport have it. Horizon has even options to customize it. Like colors or if it only shows where you should break or something like that. Then there is the option where the line is shown at all times. Up to you to decide how you want it.

Hmm, I guess I’m playing them then. I would always drive manual to give me something to do since I was just following the line.

Horizon 4 definitely has the guide doodad. I play it occasionally and I agree I would suck without it. If you increase the difficulty the line will be there less often or not at all, just like the other horizon games.

You suck even with it

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Just beat it! Still gonna see how it runs at home on the main rig though. Recomended! You like dirt arcade, you like this.

Awww, I wish I waited or got to it earlier. On my main rig at max settings at 2160p I get >60fps and hdr! Looks gorgeous!