Discord Server


Link to the General chat area: https://discord.gg/vf3bGgK

Feel free to post here if you have suggestions!


Can we ban nanderman

He is too sassy


I am down.


Seems I will finally have to download Discord and see what all the noise is about :slight_smile: Been meaning to get it for awhile but have been lazy lol


Finally we have a Discord server! I wondered why we didn’t have one already!


I must say, after using this for a while I’ve had zero issues and it has been great and easy to use.


ShiftySatchmo A wild PeaceLeon will appear and say that Discord sucks.


Welp, I guess ill be coming over to Discord then just found this here today… :smiley:


Katsuo it’s Kai bait XD


ShiftySatchmo He is a really good guy don’t you dare to do that :smiley:


Arsononion I just miss him :cry:


ShiftySatchmo Play games with him and talk on discord duhhhh… get Verdun and ill join as well :smiley:


Katsuo Discord sucks :wink:


ShiftySatchmo Don’t worry, I’m always here and watch you guys :wink:


PeaceLeon Big brother Kai


PeaceLeon that was delightfully creepy