Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Well this is my new game. Don’t think I need to explain anything. It’s Dishonored 2, but with more Dishonored 2. If you liked that game, you like this game.

One thing I am enjoying is playing it at 1440p60 with max settings. My Fury X struggled to play the original game with adaptive resolution on.

Will post more later.

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I played Dishonored 2 on PS4 with 11 fps and I loved it.

Was it really that bad on ps4?

The game had frame pacing issues. You can see the game running 30 fps but it’s still jittery as fuck. But that was half a year after the launch. Not sure how it is now.

All in all, d2 was great but it would’ve been much better if the performance of the game wasn’t trash on ps4.

What about on pro?

No idea. It would be stupid if the game doesn’t work at least 30 fps stable on pro.

The release of the original Dishonored 2 was a mess, killed weaker computers, the controlls were messed up because of the porting etc but they fixed it slowly, Death of the Outsider was smooth from day 1.
It is a great game, some new powers, new territory, a bit more dishonored. new game + is also ejoyable, because you get different powers and so, different routes to mission objectives. Because it is not as long as the main games, totally viable to beat twice, like i did. A bloody and a shadow playthrough. And of course the two different endings.

I can’t see myself doing more than one playthrough. I try to be sneaky. If it fails, kill everyone and burn the bodies.


For some reason I couldn’t start the second playthrough on Dishonored 2. Probably because the performance was trash and I don’t want to deal with that again haha

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Just beat it! Nice little chunk of content! Recommended to anyone who liked the main game.