Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Too much effort to fill out the template for this from my phone so just gonna write stuff.

This is my second time beating this gem, first was on Wii U, this time on Switch. As many of you know, Platformers are one of my favorite types of video games.

I’ll keep this short. Every DKC game in my mind is worth a play and this one is no different. Levels vary from challenging to Dark Souls. The visuals are colorful and pleasing, the soundtrack has the standard mix of jungle beats and mystical flute type of music.

The bosses vary from easy to somewhat difficult, but I never found them overly challenging.

Use Dixie 99% of the time and Cranky for 1 or 2 Cranky specific levels and thank me later.

I really enjoyed this playthrough as my 5 year old daughter accompanied me for the full experience over the last several months. It took several months because I busted this out at random when she wasn’t watching some Disney movie or playing her kiddie video games and wanted to do this with me.

Play this game!


I guess I can’t play this game. I dont have a daughter.

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However, you CAN play this game because you don’t have a life

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I enjoyed it quite a bit on switch

Everything dkc is good. Just like everything Yakuza is good.

If you want to see a crazy level, look up a vid of the 1st/final level of Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Layer.

I’m very close to beating Shovel Knight on Switch as well. Problem is it has a tonnnnn of DLC

Truer words have never been said. Tropical freeze is a great game.