I don’t know if it impacted people, but I moved my domain to another provider, which may have resulted in not resolving to the site. I think it is working now. I guess if you can’t see this, it is still broken.

I haven’t been to the site since this morning. So any adverse effects were unnoticed…or there weren’t any.

Stop doing crypto


I was moving from Google Domains since they are selling that business to Squarespace and I don’t want to have my things on Squarespace.

I know what SquareSpace is due to many content creators havomg them as a sponsor, but never actually looked into what they are specifically. What are the pros and cons of using their service?

I’ve heard they are fine if you want to build a website, but that is already done. I just feel like they wouldn’t be good for domain management, and I’ve got 9 that I manage for various purposes.


Various purposes ;)))

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