Dragon Quest XI

This is my next game! Don’t worry, there’s no difficulty options, please don’t trash this thread.

Performance-wise it runs very well at max settings at 1440p (dsr doesn’t seem to recognize this game). The framerate is really good. The lowest I’ve seen is in the 70s, the average is in the 110s and the highs are in the 180s. So the gift of gsync is one of my most favorite technologies!

The only sins are some cut scenes are video but they’re not as bullshit as most other games. They look close to actual gameplay quality. Only slightly worse. Also they’re low fps.

Mechanics, it’s a traditional turn based rpg. So good.

Will post more later.


This games looked pretty good, keep us posted on it.

I’ve wanted to play this one for a while, but jumping out of RDR2 into this didn’t sit well. I wanted a shorter game in between. Was a big fan of all the Dragon Warrior games, but never played them when they became Dragon Quest. Someday I’ll get to this one, looks great.

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This game was nominated for GOTY award with God of War, RDR2 and AC Odyssey. It has to be goooooood

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Holy shit! This is the most compatible game I’ve tried to play in linux using SteamPlay! Same framerates as windows with same graphics settings, had to plug in xbone controller instead of wireless, but it worked. No audio issues. BUT either there were microstutters or gsync wasn’t working properly. So I’ll be playing this game in windows…but that said, I figure a few more proton updates and I wont need to reboot to windows for games that don’t have linux builds.

This game is really really good…but instead of me saying things about it, perhaps you all should just ask questions to which the answers won’t spoil it.

Full voice acting or just cutscenes?

Yes. Menial npcs/interactions are just text.

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The turn based combat is more like ATB combat or really old school like Final Fantasy 6 old school?

I’m not remembering–or never knew–what ATB is. It’s kinda like Neptunia games. In the overworld you can whack enemies before they see you and you begin the fight with the upper hand…or not if they surprise you.

Any idea on how large the game map is vs. something like Breath of the Wild?

ATB is like active version of turn based combat. Instead of waiting passively on your turn, you just wait few seconds until you get your turn and attack no matter if the enemy is attacking or not.

Like the old star wars kotor games?

If that is at play, the numbers are not visible to the player.

Didn’t play 'em

I’m early on…though said metric means literally nothing.

Story any good? I’ve never played any of these. Do you need to play any other ones or is it like final fantasy?

No, you can jump right in…though it probly helps. I’m getting references from heroes ii though.

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Does the main character speak?