DRM Woes

This kind of stuff is what makes digital gaming / streaming games kind of iffy. A company goes bye bye and most (law-abiding) folk get kind of screwed. Also, haha why try to play games on Mac in the first place…but that’s another topic.


In his reddit post, he said his Mac has better hardware.

DRM is retarded 99% of the time. People make cracks almost immediately. I forget which game has “impenetrable” DRM that took the crackers a few months, but even that is broken now.

I’m not saying Macs have bad hardware I’m saying they have garbage gaming support.

No no, like he had a Windows PC but it had old hardware that couldn’t play a lot of games. Macs definitely have less than stellar game support.

Their latest imac pro comes with a mid-range video card (with the most expensive option). It’s thermal solution effectively pulls the heat away and then for some reason blows it all back into the system lol.

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Gaming on a mac is like watching porn for the plot.

Don’t you like happy ends?