Dude got fired for this. Spread it!


I have no idea what this means.

Who got fired for what? And what does that picture have to do with it? What does that pic even mean?


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New american law steals children from mexican parents when they try to cross the border and the likelihood of reunification is low. They tell the parents they are giving the child a bath, then they never see the child again. It’s one of their new deterrents. Many children have been stolen so far.

I wonder how many Americans are taking their kids to Mexico on vacation and then sneaking across the border hoping the government takes them off their hands :thinking:


I wonder what they do with the kids eventually. Send them back?

I thought it was a screenshot from Fallout 76

wrong art style

It has yellow and black with a bit of blue. Colors are right for it to be fallout-ish. I never played a fallout game so I don’t know its art style

Looks closer to Dr.Seuss:

This is fallout:

Looks the same for me hiihhihihi

I’m not that blind

Yes you are lol

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