Dusk Diver

So this is my next game! I don’t fully know how to explain it yet, but I’d say if Yakuza, Persona (minus the rpg stuff), and Neptunia had a baby and raised it on an indie budget, you’d have this game. Beat 'em up, light rpg elements, anime style.
Currently running it at max settings at 2880p60 (DSR 2160p). It’s one of those asshole games that locks you to 30fps or 60fps and ignores all other fps options. Lazy programming. Caps should always be optional.
Pretty fun so far, will post more later.

Kinda looks like Persona 5 Strikers or whatever the spin-off was called. Also weird that there are no gameplay videos on the Steam store.

Look at this guy with time to play things

I’m playing things, but I’m also taking much longer than usual to get through games. Tears of the Kingdom took ages, Ishin took over 3 weeks.

There’s no vid on the store page, but here’s a review:

Just beat it! Short and sweet. This studio really knew when to end it given the budget. If they went longer it would have gotten annoying. Recommended!

Oh, and one more thing, if you intend to use a dual sense controller, you’ll need to use DS4Windows (I seriously doubt this 2019 title is going to receive any more patches). Fortunately the on screen button prompts are platform agnostic. It doesn’t use letters or shapes, it just shows the image of a generic controller so you don’t have to do the mental gymnastics of remapping xbox controls to playstation controls. Even with all my experience I still often confuse xbox x with playstation x. At least for the first several hours of a game in which I had just transitioned from a different controller type from the previous game.