Dying light dlc

they are still giving Free DLC come on !!!

i wish i didnt finished that game so many times :frowning: or i would play again


Always wait for the goty. ; ]

The game never got any GOTY awards as far as I know, so it won’t get any GOTY editions. Plus it’s 3 years old game. The devs are just adding stuff because they are bored and we like it haha

well here u go guys…i am impressed ofc…because of the way they cared about the first game…

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I liked what I saw. Probably gonna pick it up at some point and play with @PeaceLeon

Damn, this looks great. :smiley:

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its more than great !!!

@PeaceLeon we should play this one too

I can’t wait to hear @teh_g screaaaam

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