E3 2018 -- Command & Conquer Rivals

final nail in the coffin

You know they’re going to monetize the fifa out of this one! Goodbye child-hood memories (even though I don’t like rts games anymore lol).


Wow, it’s almost impressive how C&C: Rivals looks nothing like a regular game in the series. You can imagine the naming process went something like:

Programmer: Okay sir, it took me all week but I finished that mobile game you asked me to make.

EA Manager: Good, is the only logical way to progress through microtransactions? And are there popups for those microtransactions on every screen?

Programmer: Sigh As you ordered sir… Are you sure we couldn’t add some actual innovative gameplay and strateg-

EA Manager: Ha, fuck no, that costs money! Also, I’m not too high about the name: Generic Strategy Game Mega Plus: Rivals, too new, too much original personality… What rights to good strategy games do we already have?

Programmer: Uhhmm… I dunno… There’s the…

EA Manager: OH! What about that defunct series we own… Ehhh… Capture and Commander!

Programmer: The fu-… You mean Command and Conquer?

EA Manager: Yeah that’s what I said. Rename the game Command and Conquer: Rivals!

Programmer: Wha- I- But this isn’t a Command and Conquer game! That series is beloved!

EA Manager: Exactly! Beloved equals bigger fanbase equals more money! Change some skins in the game and rename it!

Programmer: But sir-…

EA Manager: Did I fucking stutter?


EA Manager: Good. Now excuse me, I need to go and tell the news to the Board.

Walks into elevator and descends into Hell where the Board is located


It seems they will eventually add “rivals” to the end of each series’ name. First NFS, now C&C. Eventually we will have peggle rivals, dragon age rivals, etc.


I won’t lie, I will try it, but I’m expecting to be disappointed.

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