E3 2018 -- Gears of War 5

The game runs so smooth. Getting over 30000 fps on 1080p ultra. That’s how you should release the game. Take notes, Gearbox.


Turn on DSR and up the internal res. It will only look better.

I wish the MP side of the Gears 5 launch wasn’t broken. It was brutal for a while

For multiplayer, I like to have more fps than better visuals. I’ll play campaign on xbox on 4k.

What was broken? Didn’t work?

I’m not talking mp. Treat yourself.

The first weekend it had some issues where matchmaking took forever and there were fairly frequent disconnects

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@Katsuo watch it before you comment lol. I’ll know.

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I’m trying to figure out what’s the point of that video lol

Watch the whole thing. He explains very specifically.