E3 2018 -- Gears of War 5

This one as well

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More like Gears of Bored.

JK, I will play the campaign at least. I’m too terrible at multiplayer to want to dive into this.

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There is a Test thing ongoing in Gears 5. So far the game runs amazing. Everything seems to be top notch. Also, it seems I’m a beast in this game. Made some nice kills without dying. I’m gooood. You can try out the multiplayer if you have the game pass.

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Lol… sureeee buddy

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I tried out the Gears Of War 5 Test recently, god it looks so good!

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No, I would love to snipe, torque, or boom your head off in that game though!

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I know you would love to but you won’t be able to. Because…you suck huueuuheuhueuhue

I do believe hes challenging you! :wink:

Is this worth my time or should I wait for the actual game?


The Gordon I know would never participate in such a test! Wait for the real game


Play GoW4 before playing Gears 5.

I think I did, don’t remember.

Actually, it looks like I played the first one in 2016, and bought and returned 4 in 2017 because it wouldn’t run. I’ll try it again some day.

GoW4 is crazy good optimized. Weird that it couldn’t run. Anyway, the game is 3 bucks on cdkeys.com
Or “free” with the xbox pass

It’ll probably run fine now. Last time I played it I had an AMD FX9590, 2x R9 Fury X. and 16gb ddr3. Now I have ThreadRipper 1900x, GTX 1080ti, and 16gb ddr4.

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Can’t waitttt

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I got the pre-load ready on my PC thankfully its on Ultimate Game Pass PC :smiley: Which mine doesnt end till end of Feb :wink: