E3 2018 -- Sea of Solitude

this looks great tbh

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EA actually doing a real game. All they have to do is keep out mtx and not make it episodic and should be great.

Yeah, it is nice to see them doing something new and interesting. I’m hoping they don’t ruin it.

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Thread resurrection! This is my next game. Running at max settings at 2429p>60 (DSR 1440p, avg fps 80).

It’s a nice chill, trippy and dark adventure. Excellent palette cleanser between major titles.

Will post more later.


Just beat it. Worth it. Chill, keeps you interested, short. I started playing it yesterday after work. So it’s not like it was from the time of my last post until now. I’d say it was 6-10 hours. Can’t be bothered to check. Recommended.