E3 2018 -- Starlink

If you can play without the stupid toys this might be good:

This looks like it could be cool. I do hope you don’t need the toys.

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I hope you need the toys because you guys gave up on being a child for a bit. TOYS R US FTW

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They only serve to elongate a 0.1 to 2.0 second task into an almost 1 minute task. As well to to facilitate cash vampyrism.

That’s true. I don’t give a damn about the game since it looks boring. I just like to defend toys haha

It’s on steam and you can play without the stupid toys. Too expensive unless you buy it now at 50% off. If you’re not buying it now, I recommend waiting or grabbing from grey market.

It’s 12 euros here with the toys on Switch. :thinking:

Yeah but the digital version (on switch too) comes with all the in game stuff and you’d need to buy allllll the toys to get that.

I’m just happy for no toys.

Because you know how much I love toys:

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I just imagined you playing with them like they’re action figures. Pew pew!

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