EA games back on Steam


EA access on Steam for older games.

Still requires Origin but better than nothing

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The friend syncing is nice too.

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Friend syncing? where do i find that?

They mentioned it in an Engadget article.


I thought this is already available well we have to wait.

Only thing I need from EA on PC is; BRING ME MOAR SPORTZ :football::ice_hockey:

I don’t care where I’m launching them from. Though, if NCAA comes back next year with the new NCAA likeness ruling, I’ll buy a PS5 just for that. But PC would be preferred. It’d be a lot cooler if they did…

I don’t care about sports in general, but I have wondered why there’s no nhl or ufc or fifa or any other ea sports title on pc.


It took them forever to put NFL out. NHL would be nice. EA access is made for sports games IMO because each year becomes obsolete the next. Play it for a month and then ditch it for $15 is appealing.


I just hope it will bring more players to Battlefield 5.