"EA is no longer interested in making new games"

“I can totally see and understand his point from a business perspective - but it is all so blatantly anti consumer, and so anti artistic and creative integrity, that it is now clear that EA is no longer interested in making new games– it just wants to make money, and games are the means to that end. It’s a shame, because once upon a time, some of the very best games would come from EA. Increasingly, it seems that will be unlikely going forward.”

artem_zmitrovich that is what i think about of EA

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There’s a decent YouTube breakdown video about how EA, Ubi & Activision are all heading down the similar path. Fewer titles in production but all of them with ongoing payment routes, i.e. microtransactions & DLC. By doing so they minimise production costs & continue to increase revenue. I will try to find it & post here.