EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

This is my next game! I’m still kind of luke warm on it though. Running at max settings at 2880p(dsr1440p) at a solid 60fps (one of those old engines that moronically ties physics and other functionalities to framerate). I also had to turn off gsync to get rid of insane lag spikes. I wish fuckers would stop making new games with old engines. You want to make a game look old, fine, but use a modern engine.

It’s been enough fun so far to not return it, will post more later!


These games always look interesting to me.

I love EDF. Also EDF 4.1 is not a new game. It came out in 2015.

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2016 says steam, that said it’s new enough to know not to base anything off of framerate unless you are going to be exclusive to a console forever, even then you shouldn’t, fucks up remasters or ports long after your company died.

This one is starting to get pretty fun. Some of the map design is really well done.

Yeah, this game is darn good.

I have codes for this and like 1,000,000 DLCs if anyone wants it.

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I’ll take mission packs : ]. Don’t care about guns/cosmetics.

Coming at ya


Try the older EDF games. They are all pretty much amazing.


The original SNES EFS was excellent

I don’t really see myself moving backward. I’ll be playing EFS games released after this one.

I’m sure it is very different at this point too. It was pretty much super hard spaceship contra

This is too long without gameplay change ups. I’m at level 50 something. Not player level, level level. I’ll finish it but this it’s getting tiresome.

That’s a few! How many levels are there? How many hours to get to that level?

Dunno, whatever my steam playtime says minus smoke breaks.

Looks like 20+ hours. That’s a few for a game like that

You don’t know how long his smoke breaks are, how dare you presume!

How many fucking levels are there?