Epic internet new prices increased from 700bsf to 7.791bsf

In my currency now i have to downgrade again to 1mb download 512kb upload :smiley: yay long live my president.

Aww, that sucks.

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teh_g is bullshit, my gf is crying cause of this, thi is our method to work. now this we can`t have a break of something new (bad) happens every day or week.

Wow, insane rising. In Hungary, the lowest internet pack i could find on the web is a 25Mbit/20 Mbit / sec for around 7 euro/month.
Is it really 7791?? That is 706 Euro

ButtStallion our country is fucked up, and i guess you did the math on a regular currency rate, we don`t have that actual currency to explain that is really difficult but yeah that is

this is a little bit of info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOQb7Y5QVO8

manguit0u Insane, and no sign in the main media :confused:

ButtStallion the media in our country is that we live in wonder land, nothing is happening, we are all good meanwhile i have to wait for a freaking bag of food from the government cause there is no food a reasonable logic prices in the street.

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