Epic vs Apple / google

Anyone following this mess?

Epic has sued Apple to try to end the Apple monopoly that the only place you can get stuff on an Apple phone is from their App store. Somehow Google has been collected in this. Apparently on other platforms you can get software from other places.

Now Apple has said ok, at the end of the month, we aren’t gonna allow Epic to something I don’t understand having to do with developer licenses or something.

Now fortnite is pretty much meh, to most, but where this hits them is that it apparently also now encompasses the Unreal engine.

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I think the main point is Epic wants more money. Most digital outlets (Steam, Apple, Google) take a 30% cut from sales. Studios don’t have a choice if they want to be able to sell on mobile.

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Corporations fighting for more money, nothing new

-Apple charges 30% on all App Store transactions.

-Epic doesn’t like that.

-Epic buries sleeper code to make a cheaper direct payment to epic appear beside the more expensive Apple Pay option in Fortnite.

-Apple removes fortnite from App Store.

-Epic needed this to happen to match the legal documents it had already prepared months ahead of time.

-Epic weaponizes children with a hashtag to put pressure on apple.

-Apple revokes the ability for unreal devs to publish to iOS.

Same deal with google but google only removed the app.

It’s all corporate dick waving. All companies involved will continue to make billions regardless of the outcome.

Yes it’s a noble idea to get apple/google to stop gouging devs. Epic’s way of doing it is fucking obnoxious and just a fake way to make gamers think they give a fuck about them.

Furthermore, they only did this on the bitch tier platforms. Sony and Microsoft also charge 30% and Epic didn’t implement an illegal payment method on those platforms.

End of the day it’s a “fuck all corporations “ scenario and any gamer jumping behind the hash tag is just an ignorant chump. In reality this doesn’t effect any gamers.


You can see how great Epic is, when the direct payment option is just 20% lower instead of the complete 30% in the app store. So generous. Yes, loyalty in a corporate world is just silly.

A perfect bait by Epic. :smiley:

So who won?

Dunno, still in progress. I don’t have a horse in the race. Don’t care fortnite exists. Don’t care mobile games exist. Don’t care how much apple takes from app store sales.

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Affect* :kissing_heart:

They wish it were an e!


And now Hitman 3 is EGS exclusive for a year. All for the consumers.


Exclusives just help inform you where you should spend your money…right? Right?!?

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Riiiiiight, good marketing :smiley:

Any word on outer worlds?

Soon on Steam. Played it with game pass on ms store totally worth trying it. Probably October 2020 after the 1 year deal is over.

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