So I’ve finished Erica. I’m not sure if this is a game. It’s like a interactive movie where choices matter. Something like Detroit Become Human or Beyond Two Souls but it’s…eh, a movie. Like, with humans. Genre is something between a horror and a psycho thriller thing. It’s interesting and as far as I know, it’s a Playstation exclusive. There are several endings that you can go through. One “playthrough” is around 2 hours long.

I recommend it even though it’s a movie game interactive thingy thing. Imagine Black Mirror Bandersnatch, it’s that.

It’s currently on Playstation Plus so if you want to spend some good 2 hours playing a movie, there you have it.


I left fmv games back in the early 90s when having a cdrom was a bragging right.

Honestly, I never played those. (not counting Quantum Break)

I didn’t even know Erica was that type of game. Was surprised, was alright. Probably gonna play few more of those until I get super bored of it.

I have a soft spot for FMV games. Play a ton of em. Love me some b-movie hokey acting.

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At the time it was the only way for devs to demostrate the capacity of a cd. When I see it now, it just tells me they had an amateur programmer and no artists…at least not beyond some ui and a title screen.

Here’s another one. This one won like 70000 awards last year. It’s less than 2 bucks haha

I think it’s alright to be an amateur programmer haha

I like quantic dream games, fmv games just annoy me.

Tbh they’re the same for me. The only difference is that QD games are 20+ hours long while a FMV game is a few hours long.

I was just looking at The Complex on Steam this week, a FMV game from the same people that did Late Shift.

it really shouldn’t be classified as a game, as you said, @Katsuo its more like an interactive movie. Which is very cool, as long as you understand what it is going in, and don’t expect a 20 hour long game. I loved the D&D ones back in the CD days.

I might would try that one if it wasn’t PS4 only.

and incidentally, the PS4 website won’t let you put in 1914 as your year of birth for some reason. hahaha.