Damn that okkar corvette blocking the sector 4 jump gate…

Furthest I’ve reached is 5. Almost got to 6 and got completely obliterated by an ancient because I was low on everything. I had to scramble out of the previous area because I was about to die and then I jumped to an ancient haha. Rough stuff! I love this game. Picks up a ton once you get to 4.

shiftysatchmo I told my story with the ancients to Katsuo some days ago. I managed to kill it…but that time I had no idea when they explode they create a fcuking big black hole. I went straight into it, wanted to collect my loot and epic rare glyph…Bad mistake.

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buttstallion I’ve killed four. Got three glyphs, but the 4th I was wayyyy too close to when I killed it and got sucked in because I was out of energy to boost out. It was awesome hahaha

And I’m here sitting, watching and having no clue what a glyph is. And I’m pretty sure I won’t find out anytime soon because the stupid game keeps returning me to the previous sectors.

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katsuo haha that has never happened to me. Are you going in the jump gates the wrong way or something?

shiftysatchmo i don’t knowwww. I just went to the jump gate, waited to the bar to fill and I jumped. Next thing I know, I went straight to the previous sector…

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katsuo go in the front next time XD

shiftysatchmo SO FUNNY!!!

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