EVGA Doesn't Like NVIDIA Anymore

They flew a bunch of YouTubers out to their HQ and had them drop videos today to announce the news. Weird.


EVGA terminated it because NVIDIA doesnt work with companies on prices until they’re public. EVGA loses “hundreds” on higher end SKUs because NVIDIA has price ceiling + undercuts with Founder’s Edition. Bad communications. Etc.

EVGA will not be making video cards period.
Warranties still good + withholding stock for replacements.
Expect to run out of 3000 series for sale by the end of this year.


Oh well bummer. EVGA was high quality

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Both my cards (3060, 3070ti) and PSUs are EVGA. I’ve always appreciated their customer service. But this is a weird mess/move. Especially since they’re showing zero interest in AMD or Intel. :man_shrugging:

I had an Nvidia EVGA card in my first build ever and it failed and their customer service and policies were trash, so I never went back. I did hear the particular policies that screwed me were revised, but I am not one to go back to a company that burns me (if I have options).

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Same but in my case with Asus. Asus can go and touch some grass, these dogs…

Newegg is the one for me that ended up on my shitlist for over a decade now. No manufacturer directly has done me dirty. I did move on from Logitech peripherals in more recent years because of quality drop though. If I’m buying things that last as long as budget items, I may as well go full budget. I rock a Redragon K&M these days. Already both have lasted longer than my last Logitechs.

Yeah, I bought their mouse g102 and it started to double-click in less than a year. Fixed it by gluing a piece of plastic on the click button.

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I have 3 Logitech keyboards (using g915 tkl now), 3 G502 mice (using the wireless one now), their mousepad and G560 2.1 speakers. None of their products failed on me. I’m lucky I guessssssss

My EVGA experience is almost exactly the same as @ShiftySatchmo so I have not bought anything from them since then, and that was a long time ago.

I think they just wanted to get out of video cards completely and are using the Nvidia stuff as an excuse.

I currently still have my logitech keyboard and mouse. But I’ve considered getting something else and shopping around for the next ones, because logitech’s software leaves a lot to be desired.