Evil West

So this is my next game! It’s a really sweet 3rd person shooter! I started it last night but didn’t get very far. So far I’ve gathered wild west + undead baddies + sprinkling of future tech. Currently running at max settings at 2366p>60 (usually >80). Will post more later!

I should rephrase… not future tech, but a bioshock-like mix of new and old tech.

Im so buying that game. I miss old school linear brain-dead shooter games. Probably the reason why I bought bunch of PS3 games. Modern open world games started to be a bit boring and tedious.

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It does have old-school feels, but uses a lot of modern mechanics too.

The one thing I don’t like is that most cut scenes are low quality videos. There should be something in the options of all games to use real time rendering for cut scenes. At least on pc. This game’s art style is far from being taxing on the hardware.

I had to dial it back to 2160p to maintain >=60fps. Fun fact the early areas of most games are the most optimized. The earlier the area, the longer it existed in order to be optimized.

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According to Digital Foundry, the game is not optimized well, for any of the consoles and PC. Hopefully they’ll patch it out soon enough.

They must have, it runs quite well. I’m at max settings at 2160p.

Shit, im super out of date then. My old age is getting to meee :older_adult:

Ooo, looks cool.

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It is!

Just beat it! This game is the perfect mix of oldschool mechanics and new mechanics. It’s not meant to be a super deep story. You are a bad ass, you have loads of weapons/skills. Murica Fuck Yeah! Even if you’re Canadian. Recommended! It’s like a palette cleanser plus. Not short, not long, not basic.

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