F1 2016 - Interlagos

Only two race weekends left. Who will win this year?


Interlagos is my second favorite current F1 track to play in video games besides Spa. Just such a fun winding circuit with tons of flow.

My prediction; I think Nico wraps up the Driver’s Championship in Brazil!


News before the weekend

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Full wet race, here we go :smiley: How many will survive? Grosjean is already out, before the start xD

Dont know why there was that second red flag but I won’t complain since it finished. And what a finish! Max was possessed out there. I liked his radio call after his huge save; “I think I’ll go higher there”. Haha.

Great moment for Massa even though it was a crash. Just fitting that he got to walk up the pit lane and take it all in with the crowd and teams giving him applause. Never want to crash but that was special.

Welp. Comes down to the final race! Nico was begging for a red flag on the radio and clearly happy with second place looking for the easy out. Kind of what hes been doing for quite a few races now. Hes racing nervouse and cautious. Racing to not lose instead of win. Hes had four or five races to just go and win but hes just coasting. I like him more than Lewis but I’m practically cheering for Lewis to win the championship now!