F1 2016 - Spa-Francorchamps


My favorite track to drive video game cars on! I always look forward to Spa.

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schlitty Yes, this is my favourite is as well next to Bahrein :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope they’re actually strict on the track limits this year. Not that it’ll make a ton of difference or anything but no need for Lewis to be flying outside of them in the already best car.

Let’s hope he can collect a great podium this year.



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Hamilton grid penalties instantly make things more interesting and Red Bull setting pace in practice 2 albeit on the better tire than Nico and Lewis. Hopefully we get a race Sunday!

schlitty I hope so too. I know, I am a blind fan if it is about F1, I watched and will watch every practice, qualifying and race no matter what, but I want excitement back, because most of the races in the last 2 years were pretty boring.

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Too many signs pointing to a good race, I feel like its too good to be true! Rosberg’s pace wasn’t insane in qualifying. Tire wear is gonna keep runs short. Hamilton back of the pack. Ferrari didn’t do anything stupid yet. Force India sneaking in the mix with their tire management… Hope it pans out! No I just gotta make sure I get to bed, race is on in the early hours here! :race_car:

Well we got a little of everything in that one. Rough crash for Kevin Magnussen. Then Max dangerously defending again, I like his aggressiveness at any opening but not these defending moves. That was way late on the straight. Interesting race all around. Of course Mercedes cleans up and comes out ahead of all the mess. Good race for Ricciardo, he looked like he had fun. Lots of bad luck for Ferrari, gonna be a tough, tough fight with Red Bull the rest of the way. And Force India made a great statement for their competition with Williams. Great race by Alonso too.

I just watched the race…well, terrible. Vettel did in again after China. And that Verstappen boy…oh my, he is seriously need to calm down. He reminds me a little Perez, before he grown up and crushed into everybody and everything. This is not okay. Someday someone will crush into him because of this.
The Mercedes and Hamilton had a great luck with the safety car and avoiding the crashes.

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