F1 2016

Anyone playing F1 2016. Is it a game worth having. I have owned 2010,11,12,13 & felt the game was a release for the sake of it. Is 2016 refreshing?

ButtStallion has it. And maybe schlitty . They’ll tell ya :>

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Trainsmash The new F1 2016 is totally worth it. The best release after 2013. I played it, but it is highly recommeded to play with a wheel and pedals. It is hard to controll the cars with the new engines with a keyboard. (or at least a controller). I am suffering on a keyboard, because if i push gas, the engine turns 100% immediately and it only causes wheel spins and fatal crashes :smiley:


I still just play 2013 but I’ve heard only good things about 2016. Even from some of the most cynical people out there. So it must be pretty darn good!

ButtStallion Have you tried turning traction control and ABS on full? I imagine that would be the only way to tame the beast with keyboard.

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schlitty I tried it but it feels soo unnatural. And it is really slow, I cant beat the hard with it. But no worry, I am waiting for my wheel and pedal and then I am going to play a hole season without exiting :smiley:


ButtStallion Haha. That is what I did with my wheel when I got it last year. Not quite a full season but darn close! Haha. They’re fun little toys.

ButtStallion That is real dedication.
Thanks guys, it goes on the wishlist and now so does a wheel. :slight_smile:

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