F1 2017 - Azerbaijan GP


Putting this here, because this is fresh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Red Bull finding themselves on the top in FP1 and FP2. Oh my. Of course they’ve always said they can’t turn up their engine so tomorrow will be the real test. But they certainly closed the gap on at least this one track. Sure would be interesting to go into weekends with three teams having a chance. :race_car:

FP summary so far :smiley:

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Overnight the kerb has been changed at the entrance to the castle section where Perez & Palmer crashed on Friday.


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Mercedes with the pace far and away in Q3. By the looks of it tomorrow is gonna be a walk in the park.

Super wacky race so far.

We got a legit rivalry with Vettel and Hamilton now, not just points in the standings. Saubers, Indias, and Rossos all bumping into teammates in the race. Loose head rests, red flag, penalties and we end up with Ricciardo in 1st! Bottas a lap down at one point gets second. And Stroll earns his stripes and finds the podium as well. Wacky wacky wacky! But fun.

Edit: Oh and Alonso points finally! Haha.

I’ve been watching the “show” and…where is the penalty for Hamilton? Has F1 become like Champions League so Hamilton can’t get the “red card” like Ronaldo?