F1 2017 - British GP

So, who watched the first F1 Live in London? Hamilton was the only missing person. He needed more rest, but in his own country? Never liked him :stuck_out_tongue:



All set to watch this and my GF will watch her NASCAR that afternoon. We are both happy, now if only I could get live WRC races and not just the highlights I would be happy.

Silverstone is my least favorite track I think. Well at least as far as video games anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

schlitty I am okay with it, just hard to controll the tyre wear :smiley: I hate the city tracks like Monaco, Singapur. Pure hate. On TV or playing the game on pc :smiley:

buttstallion Monaco is no fun to watch, the cars passed up the layout long ago. But, I LOVE playing those tracks on video games! Haha. More atmospheric or something.

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Soooo, what do we think about the windshield? :smiley:

buttstallion Better than the halo that’s for sure! Haha. If this is a safety precaution they think the absolutely need, well, that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it can get. Id like to see a safety video of it blocking a tire at 200MPH though to see if its really doing something.

That P1 from Alonso in Q1. :smiley: Calculated.
Finally a good result from Kimi, Bottas was not good enough and instead of P6 he is starting from P9 tomorrow. But I am sure he will be behind the Ferraris in 10 laps.
Ricciardo’s time to face the engine problems, Max had enough bad luck.
I want to see Kubica in Palmer’s place. The difference between Hulk and Palmer is one second during every weekend.


Besides Sauber I think the “best of the rest” could be anybody tomorrow. Its all about how close to the edge they want to get on the corners that have become so fast there. Biggest balls gets the points basically!


I would love Kimi v1 back. That is why I still love him, that hope. Kubica should come back, but with proper deligence. Alonso in P1 shows what a genius he really is and that he and McLaren can gel to perfection, just that Honda needs to there too. Lewis’ lap phenomenal, Vettel whining about something as usual. Penalty for Kyvat’s accident under racing conditions (I told you so), so FIA proves no consistency.

trainsmash FIA and consistency? Not in the last 2 years :smiley:

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WTF happened with the Ferraris? Oh my…
1 point between Hamilton and Vettel before Hungary :smiley:
Hülkenberg ftw.

Absolutely silly final couple of laps to finish the race. Haha. I understand Vettel’s tire giving up the way he was racing and braking hard but just plain bad luck for Kimi. Brutal. Still gets the podium somehow though.

Ricciardo is racing like a man possessed. Its too bad he had that little dust up early and had to go through people again. Can’t help but wonder just how high he could’ve snuck up.

Hulkenberg with a heck of a race. Huge for Renault.

Honda misses out on what seemed like doable points.

Wacky season continues and gets tighter!

The Hulk’s effort was phenom.

I believe Vettel’s tire was a delamination of the tread away from the wall of the structure. I.e. ran too long and air escaped. He did well to keep out of the wall. Think the worsening weather on that Sat gave erroneous tire wear data to all the teams in terms tire wear. My 2 cents.

Verstappen mixing it again and I believe he had a puncture too which cost him the podium. Riccardio had bad luck, but the maturity of his driving has reached a new level, we all need that Renault power unit to be stronger for even more entertainment value.

I hope Silverstone gets some financial help, F1 can’t afford to see it go. There are a number of tracks that have left the calendar and a massive hole the franchise. Imola, Magni Cours… etc.

Botas’ driving was fantastically calculated too. Went about his business very quitely and I reckon would have been on the back of Raikonnen, although their tire issues gifting him 2nd anyway.

Orcon also gave Perez a return serve, anyone notice no radio comms from Perez.

I reckon Hungary will be a Ferrari track, as I don’t think the Mercs like mid-slow speed corners. What you folk think?

Definately was a better spectle than the Austrian GP.

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trainsmash Ferrari certainly needs the bounceback and its the track to do it. But Mercedes development has clearly gotten ahead the last two races. Quali is miles ahead and race pace seems more “comfortable”. Im mostly interested in what McLaren can manage in Hungary. Alonso and everyone else on the team seems coyly excited. But that’s the dragon we’ve all been chasing this year. I imagine they’ll both just blow up. Either way, hope for a good one. Can’t sleep on Ricciardo getting back on the podium either. Im telling you, hes on a mission. Having fun and peaking hardcore right now.

schlitty Yeah I heard they supposedly have a big update on the way. After 3 year of trying, I do not believe Honda will make the stride required, especially not in season. Perhaps it will be like the promise of a new gen of Intel CPU’s. Promising 15% better performance (in a specific bench mark with application) and delivers 1% improvement. :stuck_out_tongue:

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trainsmash It can be the best engine from next week. There is no penalty and tokens for engine upgrades this year, you can change it however you want. Who knows :smiley: