Fables - comic

Well, its not a gamer challenge, more of a book challenge! But I just finished reading the comic book Fables, all 150 issues.

I’ve been a fan of this series ever since I started reading it. I don’t buy comics the week they come out and collect them anymore, I just buy them years later by the graphic novels, and read them like you would printed book series.

The Fables series is what the Telltale games “Wolf Among Us” was based upon, to give you some insight. It is a world where all fairy tale characters are real, and they live veiled by magic, but there are vast other worlds that they can go to, we just don’t know how, because we aren’t magic. Most of the characters have completely different personalities than their corresponding fairy tale stories. This book is NOT a fairy tale. It is more of an R-rated drama about fairy tale character’s “real” lives.

The series is really well written, and it is a gripping story. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone that thinks they would like it, based on the fact that they understand what it is, and is about.

Polekatt Thanks for the suggestion: I’ve been getting out 3-4 graphic novels from the local library a week & trying to catch up on what I’ve missed out on the past few(10+) years.

Highlights have been the Rogue Trooper anthology from 2000AD, everything HellBoy, Deadpool (best one by far has been Dracula’s Gauntlet, whereby he meets the girl of his dreams the Queen of the Succubi), Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid and the Groot origin story.

Low points: anything with the DC New 52 - especially the Zero Year series where they threw all the shit to the wall & hoped that the hipster crowd would like it. In fact I have little love for Snyder’s BatMan - mainly because the retconning has done little to improve upon the human aspects of Miller’s Dark Knight stories.

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It’s on my list. I started iZombie…it’s really weird.


next on my list is the Grimm Fairy Tales series by Zenoscope. I actually started reading that a long time ago when I did collect weekly issues at my local comic shop, but haven’t read it since. I was determined to finish Fables first, because of the subject matter, I knew I’d get them confused. I tend to only pick up a graphic novel and read it every month or so these days.

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