Fall 2021 - Final Fantasy XIV


It has been announced! We are going to the Moon!

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Absolutely excited. Watched the announcement this morning. I wonder what new story will happen with 6.1 as 6.0 will be the end of Zodiark and Hydaelyn saga. Also the PS5 upgrade will bring some nice new framerate upgrades and 4k resolution. Sage looks to be fun too!

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That it does, and as for the 2nd job Melee DPS and the hints… I am thinking Reaper or Necromancer. I am gonna be working hard over the next few months to get me a darn ps5 cause more then likely I am switching to playing it only on playstation cause it will be better at 4k then my 1080p pc lol.

I’m switching to PS5 too. I’m spending more gaming on PS5 than on anything else so yeah, why not.

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I may play this at some point, though I never got through Shadowbringers. Maybe I should re-sub.

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I just finished Stormblood and is kinda meh. Shadowbringers starts goooood

Stormblood sucked, Shadowbringers rocked imo

Best time to do it!