Fallout 4 remastered edition? or fallout miami? xD

I didn’t google anything but it’s likely just Rage 2.

Skyrim SE that you can play on pipboy in Fallout 4. Maybe Fallout 3 remastered, but I don’t expect anything good.

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bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, “Skyrim SE that you can play on pipboy in Fallout 4” dude u got me this time

Rage 2, dishonored 3, New doom or New prey. That’s all I want from Bethesda. Anything skyrim or fallout related should be immediately discarded from this planet and forgotten as it never existed.

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i agree with gord actually with that color looks like rage 2. but they already released the trailer

I’m too lazy to investigate stuff like this. Ultimately any game I may be interested in gets added to my list. I’ll just wait for others to tell me of the existence of games. The game itself will be judged in more detail when it gets to the top of my list.

New Dishonored or DOOM. I am fine with that.

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Fallout for Switch I pressume.

If it’s anything like Fallout 4, kill it with fire. :angry:

Too bad, you need mods to unbreak fallout and skyrim. There are bugs in switch skyrim that have been in skyrim for years. All fixed years ago in a mod, but bethesda can’t be bothered and no mods for consoles.

Sooooo true @Zmajuga

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I liked fallout 4 :smile:

I liked it on pc… but I also only played one play through and didn’t do it completionist style…that said, because I played it on pc, I was able to use community workarounds to make it playable.

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Same. I am almost never a completionist though. When a game becomes a job it’s not a game anymore.

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I’ll wait for more info before adding to list or ignoring.

Short teaser trailer shows nothing :smiley:

well i love that song

@teh_g I miss having a down vote option