Fallout 4

I had this game in my library fir a week. Just was added. Steam contacted me and told me in their system I legitly own it. So started playing it… liking it but for the ones playing it. Should the expanisons be bought before I start or add them in at a certain point of the game? Wont be till Friday but also dont want to miss out having somethibg early. Thanks

p3ssimist_gΛming Most expansions you want to be leveled for so no rush and best off getting the season pass, cheaper.

Only0neKnight ya its a OCD thing also when i start playing … Hate the feeling. Tried adding it but gave no option to add it wishlist less is mobile thing… im on bed so on mobile lol

p3ssimist_gΛming Almost all of the expansions require you to be in the game a ways if not cleared it.

Only0neKnight okay. Just saw simethi g fir structures and shit so didnt know

p3ssimist_gΛming yeah the contraptions DLC, theres also a bot making DLC, but better if your leveled to do them.

Okay so Automatron starts once your character hits level 15. You don’t need to actually progress it until you want to. Far Harbor can be started whenever by just finding the residence, BUT you can wait until you get to a certain point in the main quest and you’ll get prompted to start it. Far Harbor has some tough enemies, so I’d wait until level 30s or 40s. The rest of the DLC are workshops, which add to the settlement building aspect. Vault Tec workshop isn’t out yet, but it’s a build a vault kind of system, and no one knows much about Nuka World, except it looks pretty promising and is a story driven DLC

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I played like 200 hours of non steam version and uninstalled it got boring XD

I bought it, expected a lot, played for some time, realized it’s crap, uninstalled. :smiley:

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Personally I love the game.

But I am a slow casual player, as in I will take 3 RL years to get to a point that a lot of gamers get to in 3 months.

AND, the games I like most are this type, open world, roleplaying, create your own adventure type.

To answer your original questions, I agree with what has already been said. You don’t need the DLC to start off, in fact, better to wait until you are higher level. I didn’t start any DLC until I finished the main quest, because it wasn’t available, but looking back, I’d still play it that way.

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Okay, thanks… And yes I like these open world type games. Hell In DA:I still in first zone, Skyrim … Not sure I finished 2nd main quest yet and now Fallout 4 Suppose to head to the next town but been playing around opening safes hacking finiding herbs upgrading my gear… My ADHD in these games is pure puffff… I fuck up once I reload to the start :confused:

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