Fan controller + led strips

Just got some red led strips (NZXT as well) and a NZXT Sentry 3. Upgraded visuals. Oh my, but i am sooo bad with cable management. Or not me, just this tiny case and my fat fingers. Either way, the situation is bad inside the case :smiley: At least I can see the jungle during nights. And the fan controller is epic. But the case’s screwless mount did not work with it I had to work with my huge fingers again. I had to connect to the psu a molex just because of the led and the controller. So more cable… I hate this case…just small, really :smiley: So this is the upgraded Red Queen/Girlfriend.
Anyone has a fan controller? Toughts?

I was looking at that controller at one time myself.

ButtStallion That is pretty cool looking! My tower sits under my desk, so I would never look at something like that.

ButtStallion how much did you pay in total?

Mark2K77 I got the 2 meter strip around 10 euro and the controller around 25, it was second handed but never even opened.


ButtStallion not bad at all … what type of LED strip do you have WS2812B (SK6812) or older type like WS2801, WS2811

since I don’t have 5.25" bay in my chassis I was forced to buy different solution … and I hate full RGB mode … I use only blue light :slight_smile: